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Our specialised fields include legal, medical, educational, marketing, IT, and website localization.

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Cho Lwin Phu

Cho Lwin Phu is a highly qualified translator and interpreter with seven years of experience in her career. She has a BA (English) and an MA(English), along with postgraduate diplomas: Diploma in English Language Teaching, and Diploma in Tourism Studies and Management. Not only is she familiar with the international work culture, but also she has various certificates and training experiences. She is a pleasant leader and a good team player. She is well recognised for her bilingual skills and her commitment to make the community a better place.



Arkar Soe

Arkar Soe is a technical translator for English-Burmese language pair. He has a BE (Civil) and is keen on IT, software, technology and current affairs. He also has an N3 Level Certificate for Japanese. He has translated and reviewed many technical projects.

Naing Tun Lin

Naing Tun Lin is a native Burmese speaker fluent in English. He is an English and Myanmar language instructor, and a licensed tour guide with a nineteen-year experience. He has worked as an interpreter and a translator in different settings. He runs his own classes as an interpretation and translation trainer. He has a BA (History), an MA (English), and an MA (Applied Linguistics) from Old Dominion University, VA, USA, along with postgraduate diplomas: Diploma in English Language Teaching and a Diploma in English. Being a licensed tour guide with extensive knowledge in history and culture, he is fit for any expertise field. He has been working as a remote simultaneous interpreter at C.ivy since 2020.


Let Us Support Your Business

C.ivy Burmese Translation and Interpretation Services Co.,Ltd is a registered company based in Myanmar. We provide translation-related services for various language pairs, specialising in English, Burmese and Myanmar ethnic languages. We offer interpretation for both on-site and online events. We have a physical office in Mandalay, Myanmar. Our workplace is a fully equipped office where we have a soundproof room dedicated to do remote interpretation assignments and audio recordings. We have 24-hour access to the internet, electricity, and decent technological gadgets. Having our own printers, licensed CAT tools, and audio equipment, we ensure confidentiality of the information known through our work process.


Do you have any questions?

Please check these pre-defined FAQs for your project.

What services do you offer?

Translation, interpretation, transcription, voiceover and any other language-related services are available.

What is the quotation price?

Please send an email to info@civytranslation.com, and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.

How about data security?

We value and protect our clients' data. Everything we learn about the project will be kept confidential.

How to contact us?

Please fill in one form on Contact Us page, send an email to info@civytranslation.com with your questions, or call +95-9-787805410 during office hours (9 AM-6 PM, GMT +6.5).


What Clients Say

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I’ve had the chance to work with C.ivy in 2022 and their translation and interpretation services are of extreme good quality. They are a highly trusted partner, high-standard and efficient. I definitely recommend working with them! 
Her communications are swift and friendly. She delivers good quality work. I’m always happy to work with her.